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Shonté Young of New Castle quit her corporate job this July to pursue her art and her company, it'S. M.Y. art, full time. Young has done everything from painting children's faces to sculpting to participating in live speed-painting events. "I enjoy expressing myself in front of a group of people," she says.Read More

Here is our brand new issue featuring Foxxhole Radio’s Speedy and Friends! We sit down and talk to the new morning show crew that intends to ‘bring it’ to the rest of the shows on regular radio! Check out our in-depth interview with the cast of the Morning Show, and discover how they intend to make the show a success! Read More

Every now and then the internet gets an unexpected surprise. A few days ago Corey Holcomb gave his fans a treat by announcing the return of his internet radio show 5150. Read More

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